About Personal Chefs

The Personal Chef service that we supply across London was started in 2006 when we started our Hog Roast company – Big Roast. We took on a lot of chefs to deal with the initial demand for Hog Roasts and found that many of these were chefs during the week and in evenings, but wanted work during the day and at weekends.

For us it was a perfect match and we teamed up the chefs with our clients who had been requesting one off personal chef events. These events generally involved our chefs pre-preparing food in our kitchens in Wandsworth and completing the cooking at the client’s house/office.

We can also arrange for afternoon/evening sessions were the chef comes around to your house and cooks with you, serves for your party and clears up. Alternatively we can arrange for chefs to be available to clients during whole periods of time and many of our overseas clients have a certain chef that they use whenever they are in London.

The style of the food is absolutely up to you and we have profiles of all our chefs available for you to view as well as sample menus to whet your appetite.

All our menus are checked over by our lead chef – formerly the head chef at Chez Bruce (our local) – to ensure that they are of the standard that our clients have come to expect.

All of our produce is sourced at farmers markets across London and our meat is all supplied by English Meat – an affilated company that sources the highest quality free range produce.

We welcome your questions and look forward